The 山口 (Yamaguchi) Family

a fishing day
is the best kind of day!

‘お姉さん。。。お姉さん。。’ もう30歳になったから、子供ちゃん ‘お姉さん’ 言う時、きもちがよかった!^_^
Onaesan, jie, chichi... whatever language it’s in... it always feels so good when a little kid insist on calling you ‘big sister’.

Most of the time when I photograph families, I feel like for that one hour, we are really good friends hanging out, and having fun together.

Time just flew by with the gorgeous Yamaguchi family. who were so natural and easy to photograph. I watched Rikku-chan fish, take care of his sister on the playground, and even had a little scare when he ran up to me with a dragonfly he caught. #ohmyheart.

Can I please have more play dates like these?

The 十川 (Sogawa) Family

'Oh baby, we've waited a long time for you to arrive...'⠀

The beautiful Sogawa family were completely adorable to photograph! Kohki-chan was one cool little baby, who when he smiles, becomes the cutest thing ever! One thing I love about photography is that in that short span of an hour, I feel like we've become good friends - as we swap life stories. I especially enjoyed having cups of coffee (they met as baristas in Starbucks in Tokyo) over sweet cakes at the end of our session.

Baby Kohki is Malaysian made, and as the family make plans to head back to Tokyo after 5 years here, they wanted photos to remember this brief, but love-filled chapter.

The Sogawa Family 6.jpg

Before they flew back to Japan, they surprised me with such a sweet message - that caused me to grin from one ear to the other, and reminded me why I chose to do what I do.

In a nutshell, she said that she would only love to have me as their family photographer, to document baby's growing up years. And that if I visit Tokyo, to please get in touch with her.

#myheartsang :)

Singapore: Best Friends Forever

One million memories, ten thousand inside jokes,
one hundred shared secrets, one reason: best friends.

Family Portrait 65.jpg

With mummies who have been best friends since primary school, it's only apt these two little girls are best friends too! It was so cute watching them converse with each other, they were just so in sync, and seemed to enjoy each other's company the most! To my amusement, they were happiest and laughing most naturally when posing for photos with each other. 

I hope one day, my best friend and I, we will get pregnant and have kids at the same time, so that they can grow and laugh together, just like these two. #ohmyheart

Family Portrait 67.jpg
Family Portrait 42.jpg
Family Portrait 37.jpg
Family Portrait 59.jpg
Family Portrait 45.jpg
Family Portrait 53.jpg
Family Portrait 96.jpg
Family Portrait 87.jpg
Family Portrait 88.jpg
Family Portrait 90.jpg
Family Portrait 91.jpg
Family Portrait 103.jpg
Family Portrait 100.jpg
Family Portrait 104.jpg
Family Portrait 115.jpg
Family Portrait 134.jpg

Singapore: The Koon Family

"You're one in a melon!"

Family Portrait 59.jpg

Just like her Big Sister C, Baby E celebrated her first birthday, with a refreshing watermelon smash. It was definitely a welcome respite from the Singaporean heat. ...and ... them pearls and tutu (Big Sister C's exact outfit a few years ago) - so completely adorbs! 

I absolutely loved being a part of making heart memories.

Family Portrait 67.jpg
Family Portrait 53.jpg
Family Portrait 77.jpg
Family Portrait 75.jpg
Family Portrait 30.jpg
Family Portrait 18.jpg
Family Portrait 11.jpg
Family Portrait 2.jpg
Family Portrait 20.jpg
Family Portrait 35.jpg
Family Portrait 38.jpg
Family Portrait 32.jpg

Bump-to-Pop: The Khoo Family

she's a combination of sugar, spice,
sunshine and stardust.

I met Lina in church when we were both studying in Perth. She is somebody who just radiates warmth and friendship. As we were both in different universities then, we gradually lost contact as life took over. I was really glad when Liang whom I met through my then boyfriend-now-husband, brought Lina to visit our Young Adults Bible Study Fellowship class. Fast forward a few years later, it was such an honour and joy to photograph them as they grow another member. Baby E is the cutest little thing, with easy smiles, and the chubbiest cheeks.

Hello Bump: The Yeo Family

I look at you, and I know LOVE
I look away, and I know nothing.
- Christopher Pointdexter


Running, laughing, and making a whole bunch of cheeky faces, this little tyke was a big ball of energy, often leaving his parents trailing behind. What a beautiful way to spend quality time just the three of them, before the little one becomes a big brother - and would have to share his parents.