Singapore: The Chin Family

'Aunty where you? Aunty go hide... boy boy count.
Aunty, Uncle, where you? Tunnel.... Aunty read book...aunty...' 
- Master Chin, 2 years old

It's always amazing to catch up with friends, and photograph their growing little one. We spent a day out at Universal Studios Singapore, hung out at home with play doh, paints and puzzles, had lots of good conversation over yummy food. Thank you so much for your friendship, Ben and Serena. You are such a blessing to us.

Singapore: Calvina Dawn, EB, + ED

Let it go... let it go....
The 'heat' never bothered me anyway
- adapted from 'Frozen'

KOI-loving, and dedicated, honest mummy blogger ( whose life revolves around her two adorable little ones - EB and ED, and her gorgeous doggie - Calvina Dawn is easily one of the nicest persons I've photographed... and her two young ones, were just completely photogenic and personable too! I really enjoyed Frozen-loving EB, breaking out into passionate song and dance, while singing 'Let it Go!'. There were also many laugh-out-loud moments, especially with inquisitive doggie-loving ED. #ohwhatfun! I need another session with you guys! The hour just flew by too quickly!

p/s: at her request, I've selected photos which does not feature daddy heavily.

Singapore: The Tay Family


What an absolutely lovely way to begin my first big stint, photographing families in Singapore! With a skilled mummy, these gorgeous little girls were mom+dad's mini me's in matching Air Force uniforms. Completely affectionate and so ready to pose and smile for the camera, big and little C, made me feel as if, I was part of their fun.

Family Portrait 23.jpg

Love Begins: #glennsther

"Aren't you somethin' to admire?
Cause your shine is somethin' like a mirror
And I can't help but notice you reflect in this heart of mine"

Esther was my little sister's primary/secondary school classmate. She has a giant heart for people, and a beautiful singing voice. (She was also my wedding singer!) Meeting Glenn, I can't help but notice that he complements her. Where she's easygoing, he is meticulous. Where she's a bit loud, he is a slightly more serious. He is their chief wedding planner. I enjoyed the morning hanging out with them, catching up, reminiscing, and getting to know Glenn... anybody who shares my annoyance at the usage of 'revert' is AWESOME in my books. Cannot wait to celebrate with you both in October.

Bump-to-pop: The Selvasegaram Family

and suddenly
ALL the love songs were about you.

I cannot even begin to write about how much I loved this set of photographs. J + A is one of the sweetest, most loving, and most musical couple I know. It was truly an honour to be invited into their very homey space as they prepare for their little bub... and a joy to get to know the little bub who has them irresistible cheeks, easy laughter, and cheeky smile. #smitten

Hello Baby Ho!

YOU are the start of so many things!

A beautiful gracious heart, and a personable character - the first time I met Chin Yi was when I photographed little M's first birthday party, it felt as if we were long lost friends. Our conversations just flowed ... we could talk about shopping, dresses, and everything in between. I was elated when she contacted me again, when she welcomed baby number 2! 

p/s: who looks this good, right after giving birth? Baby J was all of 10 days old when I photographed this.

Family: Adrian + Pei Hwa PLUS 1!

Little boy rules: Explore, Discover new things, Go on an Adventure! 

When clients I've photographed, comes back for another session, this time with a little one in tow. I absolutely loved photographing and getting to know this cheeky little one.

Family Portrait: Siblings LOVE

Find JOY in the ordinary

Singing at the top of your voice, skipping to your own beat, laughing out loud, the anticipation of ice-cream, or even being unafraid to cry - photographing these two sisters reminded me about the importance of not letting anyone dim our happiness and joy, and also not being afraid to show our true emotions.

The Khoo Family

you're the sunshine brightening my days
please never set.
- decym

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love photographing large families. It's organised chaos, with people talking all over each other - competing to be heard; it's loud raucous laughter - most of the time, making fun of each other; most of all, it's the undercurrent of LOVE and knowing that this huge family has got your back, always! 

With siblings flying home from Australia, and another driving up from Singapore, the Khoo Family made for some very fun, and laugh-out-loud moments, at their session.