Bump-to-Pop: The Lows

Planes, trains, trucks and toys There's nothing quite like little boys!

My meeting with the beautiful Janice was a completely random one. We used to work in the same organisation, with her office a few doors down from mine. With her 5-inch stilettos, super nice dresses, I felt an immediate connection with her, one of the kindred kind.

She sent me an email one day, after a chance meeting at the corridor "Hey, I notice you like shoes, you can go shop for branded shoes, at a fraction of the cost, on this website."

Suffice to say, that one email cemented our friendship. I remembered how she was glowing with happiness, when she told me that she was expecting. Being married for 5 years, they have been trying quite hard for a baby. To cut the long difficult journey story short, this baby was definitely a blessing. I watched in fascination as her tummy grew! And man... it grew!


I met Jan's husband, Benjamin for the very first time at the baby shower. But it wasn't until Jan popped, and while doing baby portraits, that I really got to know him.

Someone who has a love for shoes and everything nice and pretty (in a manly way, of course!), who diligently plans out what baby will wear during the photo shoot, the first thing Ben offered me as I walked into their house, in the wee hours of the morning, was a cup of brewed coffee! In that split second, I knew he and I would be fast friends.

With super awesome parents, I was very excited to see Baby C... and he didn't disappoint with his myriad expressions that made my biological clock go a mile a minute.