Bump-to-Pop: The Lims

You knit me together in my mother's womb...
Psalm 139:13b

A girl with a gentle and quiet spirit... that is how I always remember Cindy. I've known her for decades, ever since we were little girls, holding long conversations (in whispers), during sermons in church. Our friendship, of course, has evolved through the years. We've grown up, got married and now... she has become a mom. However, despite life's changes, one thing remains constant - she is still gentle, quiet and an awesome listener.

This series of photographs was my gift to her. 

Thank you for being you, and for allowing me the honour to be a part of your life journey: friend, bridesmaid at your wedding, and photographer.

and then came baby E
with his cute tousled hair
and very chubby cheeks
which makes them three!