Family Portraits: The Wongs

You're my favourite thing about every day.

Su Ann, Ben and their cute little chubster J lives in the UK. They were planning to be back in Malaysia for Christmas and New Year's, for a stint visiting with family. With little J, just turning 4 months, Su Ann thought of also having some family portraits done.

Through the back and forth emails, I was just very humbled by how appreciative she was. She gives compliments so quickly and genuinely. Meeting them for the very first time during the session, I was instantly enamoured with little J. Just like her parents, she smiled easily and wasn't at all fussy.

It was also quite cool to discover how many friends we had in common! It just goes to show how we are all separated by 3 degrees (or more popularly, 6 degrees).

After the session, Su Ann & Ben messaged their thanks, which put a huge silly smile on my face.

Hi Sam, we’ve just finished looking through the photos and they are truly wonderful. Thanks so much! We really appreciate your patience with our little girl, and capturing her at her best moments. Keep up the good work and God bless your 2015 with many more happy memories.
— Su Ann & Ben