Bump-to-Pop: The Yees

Children are a Gift of God
Psalms 127:3

Love is something that I love celebrating, and strikes a deep chord in my heart. I tear a little when I see, the loving exchange between a daddy and his little girl before he walks her down the aisle. My heart misses a beat when the groom claps eyes on his bride for the first time and cannot take his eyes off her; the moment they make their forever pledge. I get butterflies in my tummy when a couple share their hopes and dreams, as they wait patiently for their little one  to say: "Hello World"; and the moment baby is born, how they are just firmly wrapped around baby's little fingers.

Cheryl and Robert are dear friends of ours, who got married a couple of months after us. So when Cheryl shared that she was pregnant, I was over-the-moon elated for them. I also knew immediately that I want to photograph them, cause they were just tremendously beautiful people, both inside and out. This series of photograph, was taken in their gorgeous new home.

When Cheryl gave birth, I remembered being in the vicinity of the hospital, and going over to say hello to the less than a day old baby C. She was the tiniest little perfect human being, and you could tell she had her whole family smitten.

Fast forward six/seven months, we finally managed to have a family portrait session.  By then baby was a sweet smiley little girl. #theygrowupwaytoofast!