Celebrating Love: Adrian & Pei Hwa

Grow old along with me,
The best is yet to be.
- Browning

Adrian and Pei Hwa met as housemen when they first began their careers as doctors. After a whirlwind year of courtship, he proposed (in a hot air balloon! so completely romantic), and they got hitched a year later.

She's a self-professed type-A personality who plans way in advance. On the other hand, he is easy going, random and comical. Together, they complement each other. She becomes a lot more relaxed and chill when he is around; and he appreciates her planning and finds her very endearing. 

Pei Hwa contacted me for a session to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary. They wanted something casual, simple and genuinely them, as they enjoyed each other's company. Their love and complete adoration for each other shone through, and I had such a wonderful time photographing and celebrating together with them.

After one year of marriage, this is what they shared about each other:

About Adrian:
He makes me feel loved when he accepts me as I am, despite my shortcomings. He makes me feel loved because he is willing to make changes, to come out of his shell, making me the happiest person. 

About Pei Hwa:
I count myself one of the luckiest guys because of her. She is there for me all the time. She is so caring and has a wonderful personality. She is definitely my perfect life companion.