Singapore Family Portrait: The Owyoungs

There is no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.
- Walt Streightiff

The cutest little girl who smiles a lot, isn't afraid of the heat, and is so very inquisitive. Little V is a carbon copy of her cheerful mum, who was one of my first friends in primary school. 

When I first transferred to Singapore, I was scared and felt completely out of place. I was sitting all by myself on the first day at school, when Sophia, who was sitting behind me started speaking to me. I still remembered how our conversation went on and on - until 15 minutes later, she realised and asked, "Eh, why you didn't even ask me my name leh!". :) And the world is indeed a really small place (ok, Singapore is a tiny island lah), her husband and I were actually tuition class mates!!

It is truly an honour to meet her little family. The little girl was all good natured chuckles. The morning at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, was definitely made even more beautiful with the company.