Singapore: Calvina Dawn, EB, + ED

Let it go... let it go....
The 'heat' never bothered me anyway
- adapted from 'Frozen'

KOI-loving, and dedicated, honest mummy blogger ( whose life revolves around her two adorable little ones - EB and ED, and her gorgeous doggie - Calvina Dawn is easily one of the nicest persons I've photographed... and her two young ones, were just completely photogenic and personable too! I really enjoyed Frozen-loving EB, breaking out into passionate song and dance, while singing 'Let it Go!'. There were also many laugh-out-loud moments, especially with inquisitive doggie-loving ED. #ohwhatfun! I need another session with you guys! The hour just flew by too quickly!

p/s: at her request, I've selected photos which does not feature daddy heavily.