The Al Ansari Family

We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out.

Family Portrait 3.jpg

Good times are made of this ... laugh out loud moments together with loved ones. Easy laughter, cheeky inquisitiveness, easygoing ... the Al Ansari family were amazing to photograph. Visiting KL from Dubai, they wanted keepsake photos to remember their holiday here.

Being a huge fan of travelling, I absolutely love photographing and interacting with overseas clients, as I get to learn so much from them - their culture and stories. One thing is the same though, that love and family bond - it transcends all cultures, language, and faith.

When I visited Dubai last year, most of the people I met and spoke to were not originally from the Emirates. According to my walking tour guide, she mentioned only 2 out 10 people you meet could be Emirati.

Who would have thought that I would not only get to meet, but also photograph an Emirati family out of Dubai! I'm blown away by how completely down-to-earth and friendly they were!

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