Singapore Family: The Ong Family

you’re the reason
I believe in love
- Mark Anthony

Family Portrait 4.jpg

oh boys…. crazy energy levels! One of the reasons why I always tell parents with young children to have sessions outdoors is this - they can run, jump, play to their hearts’ content. When they are happy, this means I get the best photos from the session. The cherry on top of it is - spending an hour outdoors not only benefits their health, it also tires them out! So win-win.

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The Erikson-Fay Family

... this is LOVE ...
when you're surrounded by all the hugs and giggles.

The Erikson Family 8.jpg

Two sisters, so similar, yet so different - one with a very sweet smile, and so very generous with her hugs, the other, full of personality and joyful cheer. The hour spent with this gorgeous family, just whizzed by with lots of giggles and laughter (and also mozzie bites)

The Erikson Family 3.jpg
The Erikson Family 17.jpg
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The Erikson Family 50.jpg
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Singapore Family: Qiao Yi + Wee Cheong

'Family means putting your arms around each other, and being there.'

Oh.. the way his smile lights up his face! What a special little boy. Despite the heat, the sunshiny 6-month old was so cheerful, from start to finish!

The Koh Family 1.jpg
The Koh Family 3.jpg
The Koh Family 6.jpg
The Koh Family 29.jpg
The Koh Family 47.jpg
The Koh Family 33.jpg

The 十川 (Sogawa) Family

'Oh baby, we've waited a long time for you to arrive...'⠀

The beautiful Sogawa family were completely adorable to photograph! Kohki-chan was one cool little baby, who when he smiles, becomes the cutest thing ever! One thing I love about photography is that in that short span of an hour, I feel like we've become good friends - as we swap life stories. I especially enjoyed having cups of coffee (they met as baristas in Starbucks in Tokyo) over sweet cakes at the end of our session.

Baby Kohki is Malaysian made, and as the family make plans to head back to Tokyo after 5 years here, they wanted photos to remember this brief, but love-filled chapter.

The Sogawa Family 6.jpg

Before they flew back to Japan, they surprised me with such a sweet message - that caused me to grin from one ear to the other, and reminded me why I chose to do what I do.

In a nutshell, she said that she would only love to have me as their family photographer, to document baby's growing up years. And that if I visit Tokyo, to please get in touch with her.

#myheartsang :)

The Keng Family

Love is about growing together,
learning about each other,
and not giving up. 

The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg

The Kengs annual family portrait this time, saw the cheerful little now-3-year-old miss exploring, and having a little bit of fun in the park. She was joined by her baby brother, who was really smiley, with easy chuckles. I love watching families grow, and spending time with them, picking up where we left off, and getting to know the growing little ones.

Watch them grow: 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017

The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg
The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg
The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg
The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg
The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg
The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg
The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg
The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg
The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg
The Kengs Malaysia Family Photographer.jpg

The Leow Family

My one big reason to be happy - YOU! 

Jonathan and Liane are very dear to me. They were the very first international wedding assignment I photographed. 3 years later... they are back with their entire family, for a short visit, with the cutest little bub in tow. It was such an absolute joy getting to know little miss K, with her very cheeky smiles, and cute coos. I was completely smitten by her. Cannot wait to meet you guys again in Perth, next year!

Bump-to-Pop: The Khoo Family

she's a combination of sugar, spice,
sunshine and stardust.

I met Lina in church when we were both studying in Perth. She is somebody who just radiates warmth and friendship. As we were both in different universities then, we gradually lost contact as life took over. I was really glad when Liang whom I met through my then boyfriend-now-husband, brought Lina to visit our Young Adults Bible Study Fellowship class. Fast forward a few years later, it was such an honour and joy to photograph them as they grow another member. Baby E is the cutest little thing, with easy smiles, and the chubbiest cheeks.