Singapore: The Koon Family

"You're one in a melon!"

Family Portrait 59.jpg

Just like her Big Sister C, Baby E celebrated her first birthday, with a refreshing watermelon smash. It was definitely a welcome respite from the Singaporean heat. ...and ... them pearls and tutu (Big Sister C's exact outfit a few years ago) - so completely adorbs! 

I absolutely loved being a part of making heart memories.

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The Cheang Family

let me love you a little more
before you're not so little anymore.

Malaysia Family Photography.jpg

It felt just like months ago when Tim and Suwen shared the happy news that they were pregnant. And felt like yesterday, when I photographed their maternity portraits... where did time fly? Little Ian has turned the grand age of ONE! It has been such a joy watching him grow...

Malaysia family photographer.jpg
Malaysia family photographer.jpg
Malaysia family photographer.jpg
Malaysia family photographer.jpg
Malaysia family photographer.jpg
Malaysia family photographer.jpg
Malaysia family photographer.jpg
Malaysia family photographer.jpg
Malaysia family photographer.jpg
Malaysia family photographer.jpg

Cake Smash: Baby K is ONE!


First Cake Smash Photography.jpg

I've received so many requests from parents about photographing their baby's first cake smash. Each time, I'll stress this - for a successful session, baby must be used to sensory play - where he/she is unafraid of mushing hands into things soft and doughy. I say this, cause almost 8 out of 10 babies will begin crying halfway through our cake smash session. I highly recommend that you give them a cupcake to smash and eat with their hands, before our session. Baby K was a trooper, as she explored and enjoyed her cake!

First Cake Smash Photography.jpg
First Cake Smash Photography.jpg
First Cake Smash Photography.jpg
First Cake Smash Photography.jpg
First Cake Smash Photography.jpg
First Cake Smash Photography.jpg
First Cake Smash Photography.jpg
Malaysia Family Photography.jpg
Malaysia Family Photography.jpg
Malaysia Family Photography.jpg
Malaysia Family Photography.jpg
Malaysia Family Photography.jpg

It's a Party: LAS is ONE!

You have brains in your head you have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
- Dr Seuss 'Oh, The Places You'll Go!'

When Michelle-Ann contacted me again, to photograph her gorgeous little girl turning one, I couldn't help but squeal with delight. You see, this amazing mama always throws a pinterest-worthy party, filled with so much laughter and LOVE. I knew I would be in for a treat! We had an intimate mini tea-party, and a week later, a hot-air balloon themed birthday party.

Cake Smash: Baby C is ONE

"Have big dreams, you will grow into them."

Within the first 10 minutes of our session, the bubbly gorgeous miss C was already smiling, and crawling up to me, to touch my camera. Ah.. babies turning one.... just finding her feet, she breaks into the biggest smile when her parents cheered as she stood up unassisted, Babies learning how to walk are simply the cutest! 

It's a Party: Baby M is ONE!

"and she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes"

Classy white, princess pink and a stardust of gold - Baby M's first birthday party was a simply gorgeous affair, with beautiful DIY touches from her doting parents. The party also ended with a cake-smash session, where the little miss was really pleased with getting her cake on.


Family Portrait: The Tans

"Babies are like little suns that, in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness and light into our lives."

This little baby whom I photographed when he was only a month old, is now a walking, babbling, inquisitive little one year old! Even though he has lost his michelin arms, he is still so completely adorable with the same cheeky smile.

To Baby X - may you never lose your want for big hugs and loud kisses. I cannot wait to see you grow up into a big handsome boy.

Cake Smash 101

Cake is the Answer!

Baby turning ONE is indeed a milestone worthy of celebration! This is not only for the little one, but also for mum and dad - who survived the many diaper changes and sleepless nights.

Of late, I've received many requests for ‪#‎cakesmash‬ photography sessions, which are such a fun and adorable way to celebrate! To help parents (especially first-timers), I've put together some tips to prepare for a stress free and enjoyable cake smash.

1. Begin with a theme in mind

Whether it is animals or sofia the first, choosing a theme would allow you to coordinate outfits, balloons and even cake! It will also make sure you stay on track, especially in creating a cohesive coloured set. You wouldn't want to have pink and purple balloons in a safari themed session. 

You can also opt to go simple - by choosing a colour palette of complementary colours. For example - baby pink, blush, white and gold; baby blue, white, and navy blue; white and gold; purple, pink, and cream.

2) Location

For beautiful, well-lit photos, it is essential that your location be filled with a good amount of natural light. Not too crowded spaces are also the most ideal for photography. You can choose to have it at home, where there is a large enough area or at a favourite park. 

3) Cake matters

While the detailing on fondant cakes are beautiful to look at and photograph, they are not smash friendly. Go for something fluffy and soft, as it can be easily squished and 'pounded' on by the little hands. For mummies who know how to work an oven, there are a ton of recipes online for you to work with.

For the ones, like me (I may just burn the kitchen down!), who have not learned the art of baking , you can let your caker baker know that you want a small cake (a 500g cake would be more than enough) for a baby cake smash. They should know what to do!

p/s: You can refer to some of my favourite bakers in the Klang Valley at the end of the post.

4) Preparing the birthday boy/girl

It is important to get the star of the show - the birthday boy/girl - ready and enthusiastic! Not all babies like getting their hands all mushed up with cake. To prep, I highly recommend giving them cupcakes (baby safe ones - ie not too sweet and with no preservatives) a few times prior to the scheduled session. Encourage them to have a go at feeding themselves - and don't worry about the mess, you can clean that up later.

5) Eat cake and have fun!

Children will be children. Let them laugh, cry and go on a exploration of their senses during the session.

Cake get into their hair, it's OK;
on their dress, that's OK too;
into their mouth, even better!

When they are allowed to be exactly who they are, that's when some of my favourite photos are created. Mummies, daddies, big brothers and sisters can also join the fun, and have a taste of cake, and make some sweet memories. 


1. it's baked by Suli
2. temptation by JinAnn
3. porcupine place 

balloon puff by Rachel

You may opt to have someone bring the balloons, cake and style a session especially for you - 
1. Su Yen
2. Pretty Little Things
3. Moments

Ready to get smashin and book a session? Get in touch, to find out more!

Family Portrait: Baby C is Two

celebrating the cuddly two-year old hunk who is
already winning everyone's hearts with his charms

From taking tentative baby steps to running (and making his parents chase after him); from blabbering to short sentences; one of my favourite little cheeky human turned the BIG TWO!  Little C may not be a baby anymore, but one thing remains - his love for animals! All through the shoot, he was saying long words like - rinoteros (rhinoceros) and efant (elephant).

This family of November babies (mom, dad and baby's birthdays are all days apart), is always such a joy to photograph and hang out with. 

Family Portrait: The Khoos

Little girls are angels with invisible wings.

Pink tutus, a pink cake, a bunny softie and lots of smiles. This little one had a very sweet and sunny disposition. One of her favourite games is definitely peek-a-boo! There wasn't a lack in laughter during our session, as she gamely entertained us with her cute antics.

At that time, mummy had planned for the just-turned one-year-old to do a cake smash. It took a while for her to get into it, but once she had a taste of the cake, she showed off the biggest grin.

Khoo Family Portrait 53.jpg

Location: Bukit Jalil Recreation Park
Set Styled by: Pretty Little Things