Hello Bump: The Tan Family

9 months preparing, to fall in love for a lifetime.

Family Portrait 58.jpg

As soon as I met Xinyi, it was as if I've known her for many many years! Bubbly and with an easy laughter, she has the kind of charisma that just makes you want to be friends with her. It also helped that she shared two of my favourite things to do - travelling and food.

Family Portrait 50.jpg

Bump-to-Pop: The Khoo Family

she's a combination of sugar, spice,
sunshine and stardust.

I met Lina in church when we were both studying in Perth. She is somebody who just radiates warmth and friendship. As we were both in different universities then, we gradually lost contact as life took over. I was really glad when Liang whom I met through my then boyfriend-now-husband, brought Lina to visit our Young Adults Bible Study Fellowship class. Fast forward a few years later, it was such an honour and joy to photograph them as they grow another member. Baby E is the cutest little thing, with easy smiles, and the chubbiest cheeks.

Bump-to-pop: The Selvasegaram Family

and suddenly
ALL the love songs were about you.

I cannot even begin to write about how much I loved this set of photographs. J + A is one of the sweetest, most loving, and most musical couple I know. It was truly an honour to be invited into their very homey space as they prepare for their little bub... and a joy to get to know the little bub who has them irresistible cheeks, easy laughter, and cheeky smile. #smitten

Hello Bump: Cheang Maternity

A grand adventure is about to begin
- Winnie the Pooh -

Tim and Suwen are dear friends. We've been through so many things together. I've also photographed their engagement session, as well as coordinated their wedding. We usually do boardgames and coffee together... #itsbeensolong! When we were hanging out one day, we decided to do a quick 20-minute maternity portrait session with them. 

Hello Bump: Chong Maternity

I fell in love with you, because of the million things
you never knew you were doing.

Smitten... completely and utterly with each other and the baby. Jo and Ivan are such beautiful souls who already had so many plans for their little one. I especially loved the gorgeous tailored lace gown Jo custom-made especially for the session.

Family Portrait: The Ngs

Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.
- EB White

An inquisitive two year old, a warm and cheerful papa, and a very fit expecting mama.

From the beginning, the Ngs were just so much fun to be around. I was particularly impressed with the glowing mama-of-two-to-be, who was almost full term, yet was game to try all sorts of poses. I later found out that the family practices yoga. I got so excited that I asked if I could incorporate some of the poses into our session.

The Ng Family 18.jpg
The Ng Family 5.jpg
The Ng Family 28.jpg

Bump-to-pop: The Kos

Life reveals her beauty, one precious miracle at a time.

Every bit the expectant parents to be, the Kos were completely excited for the arrival of their little one. I couldn't help but get caught up in their glowing happiness, as they smiled and spoke in hushed tones throughout the session.

When baby K arrived, she was all big eyes and cute babbles, especially when she sees herself in the mirror (she probably thinks the baby staring back at her is a friend). She may be just a teeny tiny little human being, but she already has her parents (especially daddy) smitten and wrapped around her little fingers.

Bump-to-Pop: The Chins

Every good and perfect gift is from above.
James 1:17a

It is only when I look at my friends, that I realise I'm growing older. From engagement parties, to wedding invites, and then to baby showers, full moon parties... and soon, very very soon... first year birthday parties - I'm now resigned to introducing myself as 'Aunty Sam'.

Ben & Serena are very good friends of my husband and I. We were there for each other's life celebration - from the proposals and engagement parties, to the weddings. And now, for Ben & Serena, from bump to welcoming little baby D. 

So when Ben asked if I could make some trips to Singapore to photograph their maternity portraits and subsequently their latest addition, of course I said yes! When I first said hello to baby D, it is immediately apparent that he has inherited both his parents best qualities - his mummy's sweet smile, and his daddy's cheekiness (those dimples!).

Hello Bump: Iman + Shazan

It's the most powerful creation to have life growing inside of you, there is no bigger gift.

At this time of writing, this gorgeous and warm couple would have been parents for almost 6 months! Iman and Shazan are such beautiful people. They had a good sense of humor, and it was very obvious how in love they were, and how excited they are about welcoming their very first baby!

It was so special being invited to capture their love, reminiscing about Perth (Murdoch Uni for the win!), and getting some slobber on from their motley crew of dogs - that Great Dane is all sorts of cool!