Singapore Family: The Ong Family

you’re the reason
I believe in love
- Mark Anthony

Family Portrait 4.jpg

oh boys…. crazy energy levels! One of the reasons why I always tell parents with young children to have sessions outdoors is this - they can run, jump, play to their hearts’ content. When they are happy, this means I get the best photos from the session. The cherry on top of it is - spending an hour outdoors not only benefits their health, it also tires them out! So win-win.

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Singapore Maternity: J+D

I will hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms.

Hello Bump 32.jpg

Starting the year with this beautiful couple, I photographed early last December!

I believe that women are at their prettiest when carrying their baby. I love their gorgeous glow, and that air of excited expectancy, as they await their bub.

You know how some people, just vibes with you?

When Joanne messaged me on instagram about a session in Singapore, I felt an almost instant connection. Meeting her, and photographing her little soon-to-be expanding family, made me just so very happy. I was reminded, that... this... this... is the reason why I choose to do what I do. I laughed so much, and just had so much fun with them. Thank you, love, not too long now!

Hello Bump 25.jpg
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Singapore Family: Calvina Dawn, EB, + ED

I scream, you scream
we all scream for ICE CREAM!

Nothing like ice-cream to make the teeny tinies happy after a super hot and humid Singaporean morning!

How the littles have grown! I last photographed Calvina Dawn’s beautiful family in 2017, and fell completely in love with her adorable twosome, EB and ED. What a difference a year makes - EB is still the fun-loving singing little miss chatter, while ED has grown into an entertaining cheeky toddler.

After our session, she left the nicest note too!

Calvina, thank you for inviting me to be a part of making memories together with you and your family. Thank you for believing and loving my art. #somuchloveforyoufour #okandmaybelouistoo. I’m so blessed by your friendship!

Singapore Family: Qiao Yi + Wee Cheong

'Family means putting your arms around each other, and being there.'

Oh.. the way his smile lights up his face! What a special little boy. Despite the heat, the sunshiny 6-month old was so cheerful, from start to finish!

The Koh Family 1.jpg
The Koh Family 3.jpg
The Koh Family 6.jpg
The Koh Family 29.jpg
The Koh Family 47.jpg
The Koh Family 33.jpg

Singapore Family: Bubbly good fun!

"and at the end of the day,
your feet should be dirty,
your hair messy,
and your eyes sparkling."

Love it when families are not afraid to get a little bit (or a lot!) of dirt on, and are just so in-the-moment enjoying themselves. It definitely makes photographing them so much easier.

Family Portrait 17.jpg
Family Portrait 9.jpg
Family Portrait 7.jpg
Family Portrait 21.jpg
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Family Portrait 18.jpg
Family Portrait 32.jpg
Family Portrait 52.jpg
Family Portrait 44.jpg

Singapore Family: The Tay Family

I’ll love you through
all sunshine, seasons, and storms.
- decym

The Tay Family 17.jpg

In my course of photographing families, I always count my blessings when it comes to clients. Somehow, I feel like I’ve been so blessed with amazing clients! This particular park in Singapore is not one easily accessible by public transport. Coupled with difficulty in getting there, I was almost 30mins late for my session! I was texting this client of mine multiple times, apologising profusely, as I watched my arrival time on google maps, growing later and later… Not only did she assure me it was ok, when I finally met them to start our session, they were complete sweethearts!

The Tay Family 31.jpg
The Tay Family 6.jpg
The Tay Family 12.jpg
The Tay Family 4.jpg
The Tay Family 42.jpg
The Tay Family 50.jpg
The Tay Family 63.jpg

Singapore: Best Friends Forever

One million memories, ten thousand inside jokes,
one hundred shared secrets, one reason: best friends.

Family Portrait 65.jpg

With mummies who have been best friends since primary school, it's only apt these two little girls are best friends too! It was so cute watching them converse with each other, they were just so in sync, and seemed to enjoy each other's company the most! To my amusement, they were happiest and laughing most naturally when posing for photos with each other. 

I hope one day, my best friend and I, we will get pregnant and have kids at the same time, so that they can grow and laugh together, just like these two. #ohmyheart

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Family Portrait 42.jpg
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