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Bump-to-Pop: The Chins

Every good and perfect gift is from above.
James 1:17a

It is only when I look at my friends, that I realise I'm growing older. From engagement parties, to wedding invites, and then to baby showers, full moon parties... and soon, very very soon... first year birthday parties - I'm now resigned to introducing myself as 'Aunty Sam'.

Ben & Serena are very good friends of my husband and I. We were there for each other's life celebration - from the proposals and engagement parties, to the weddings. And now, for Ben & Serena, from bump to welcoming little baby D. 

So when Ben asked if I could make some trips to Singapore to photograph their maternity portraits and subsequently their latest addition, of course I said yes! When I first said hello to baby D, it is immediately apparent that he has inherited both his parents best qualities - his mummy's sweet smile, and his daddy's cheekiness (those dimples!).