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Family Portrait: The Kongs

Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.
Ernest Hemingway

Australia, Thailand, Singapore and various parts of Malaysia - the inquisitive and smiley little J is one of the most well travelled almost-two-year-olds I know. It was serendipitous when Lareina contacted me to have their family portraits taken. It turned out that their Melbourne trip coincided with mine! 

Melbourne was heading into Summer, but unlike Perth (where it can get sweltering hot), the morning at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens, gave the most ideal temperature for a family session.

It was such a joy to see little J humming, running, reading, chasing bubbles and getting chummy with the ducks in the park - all these without even breaking a sweat.

Love Begins: John + Chu
'I can conquer the world, with just one hand... as long as you are holding the other.'

I first met John and Chu at Kim and Jase's wedding at Abbotsford Convent in 2012. Chu is Kim's younger sister. The one thing that immediately attracted me to her was her beautiful ready smile. John and Chu are people that you naturally would want to be friends with. Within minutes of meeting them, they can put you completely at ease, and make you feel as if you've been friends for a very long time.

When I learned they got engaged early this year, I was so very elated as they are both such amazing people with big hearts. They also make a very gorgeous couple! These images captured in The Substation (where they are getting married), the University of Melbourne (where they both studied), and around the city tells their story.

They also have a very cute story on how they met.

Even though they had a lot of mutual friends, John and Chu have never met. That was until Chu's 18th birthday party.

John: Most of my friends were attending a birthday party and were talking about it. Someone asked me if I was going, I said no. I wasn’t invited and I didn’t know who’s party it was. My friend thought it would be fun if I attended, to hang out and he assured me the birthday girl would be more than happy to have me there. Chu and I ended up chatting on MSN and she was happy with me coming to her party, as long as I said hi to her on the night. 

So I tried to find her that night, to say hi. But she wasn’t anywhere to be found. I sat down some time after, and noticed the cutest girl with the most beautiful smile. My friend turned to me and saw me looking at her and said, "Hey mate, what you looking at, that’s Chu, lets go." We both went over and I awkwardly said Hi. That’s my first memory of meeting Chu.

Thank you for being such good sports and for your warm hospitality. Brunch was so awesome! So much love for the both of you.

I will be in Melbourne again (Nov 21 to Nov 24). If you are interested in having portraits in Springtime Melbourne, I still have one more session available. Click for more information. 

on choosing each other

Seeing her happy gives me a feeling that I always want to have. She makes me feel special and loved. She is kind and generous.

We are on the same wavelength and have similar values. We complement each other with our strengths. He's motivated and this motivates/supports me. It's also a bonus that he can cook and clean. ;)

Family Portrait: The Francis

Family is a little world, created by love.

Loud infectious laughter and a huge heart for God - Winnie and I were part of the same all-girls life group, while I was in Perth. We also served in the Children's Church (Inside Out) for a number of years.

She now has an energizer-bunny little boy who makes cute grunts, indicating 'yes' and who stole my heart this visit back to Perth. It was so amazing that even after a decade, our conversation was easy as we picked up where we left off.

In true Winnie fashion (super sweet), she emailed me this after I shared her gallery with her:

Thank you so much for the photos , they are absolutely beautiful and looking at them brought tears to my eyes... We don't have many family photos as we don't get a chance to take them with all of us in them and these are the only family photos we have to date and they look amazing. Thanks for taking them, you are an amazing photographer and person.

Thank you for being an encourager and for sharing your family with me. Looking forward to our next catch up sesh over yummy cheese platter xx

Love Begins: Anthony & Jessica

Home is wherever I'm with you.

Bathers Beach at Fremantle holds a special place in my heart, as it was where BLee & I had our anniversary portraits taken, just last Spring. For Anthony and Jessica, it is even more special as it was where they went on their first date, as well as where Anthony popped the question, to ask Jess to spend her forever with him.

It was a beautiful sunny winter morning when we did their portraits. There was lots of laughing, jokes, cuddles and of course kissing!

During the session, Anthony & Jess clued me on a little secret... they just found out they were pregnant! #excitedsqueal. They wanted to do some pregnancy 'announcement' portraits, so we rounded up the session with some. Anthony & Jess, you guys are going to make a gorgeous bride and groom, as well as awesome parents!

Portrait: The Value of Friendship

It doesn't matter that you are not here in person
as long as you're here in my heart.
- The Little Prince
(Antoine de Saint Exupery)

Maintaining friendships are tough, especially when your life, like mine, has been a series of movements - from one country to another, one continent to the next. For someone who is really bad at keeping and staying in touch, I'm so much more grateful for friends who make the effort. 

From her quirky-cool dressing and easy laugh to her level-headedness, Kim is that special friend. You know that friend who knows what you are thinking, without needing you to verbalise it. The one you know would have your back no matter what. She is also someone who isn't afraid to call me out when needed, provide encouragement and who genuinely listens.

A vet student then, she and I would never have met, if it wasn't for Japanese class at Murdoch University. After being an animal doctor for the last couple of years, she has hung up her stethoscope, and is pursuing something she loves - illustration. She is also a Creative Director who is making clever happen.

As I enter into a crossroad in my working career, she draws from her own experience and has been giving me gentle prods and lots of things to mull over. However, whatsapp and facetime conversations can only go so far. On a spur of the moment, I decided to go on a solo trip to visit her in Melbourne.

There was lots of coffee (tea for her) and good food over even better conversations

Despite the distance, the time difference, our crazy schedules - thank you for always making time and being there.