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Celebrating Mothers: A Photography Special

'I like that!' A few months later, on my birthday, she remembered and gifted it to me. I was the happiest 6 year old with a gold ring of her own. That is the earliest recollection I have of my mummy. I still remember looking forward to every Chinese New Year, where it would appear from her safekeeping, and I would wear it proudly, showing it to anyone who said hello to me (I was a little bit of a showoff then..maybe now too!).

Mummy is the one we (with the exception of the baby in the family, my brother) are really afraid of. With dad being busy at work most of the time, she became the disciplinarian at home. I remembered vividly once when I was in primary school. She found out I told a lie, got so incensed that she immediately took the rotan. The next thing I knew, a game of chase around the large dining table at home ensued. I ran till the both of us were out of breath. Just when I thought I had evaded her... - to all children, if you have been naughty, please accept your punishment quickly. If you run, the punishment is a lot worse... I speak from experience.

As I grew up, moved out and got married, mummy became one of my closest friends. Problems with work, arguments with husband, falling out with friends - she always have good advice and I know she will always have my back. 

Whether she works full time or is a stay-at-home-mom, whether she has a helper or not, whether she has one, three, ten OR one kid on-the-way - mothers are cheerleaders when we feel down, they are the maids who wash and iron, sweep and mop, teachers who help with school work, doctors who worry and look after you when you are sick, and they also feed and cook! They wear so many hats!

In honour of the superwomen in our lives, from now till the end of May, Samantha Yong Photography celebrates MOTHERS! When you book in for a photography session for May 2016, you will receive a box of beautiful blooms (worth RM50), from the gorgeous people at Boxing Blooms, delivered to the special lady in your life! On top of that, everyone can get matchy matchy, with a set of 4 personalised family t-shirts (worth RM216) from blackmilkproject

Sessions are limited, head on to CONTACT ME, if you would like to book one in.


Psst... if you haven't heard, one of my favourite vendors - the talented peeps at blackmilkproject is running an instagram giveaway! Join in the fun for some awesome personalised goodies + a free session with yours truly! Contest ends 30 April 2016.

The beautiful Iking-Azmi children are wearing tops from the blackmilkproject's  food truck collection .

The beautiful Iking-Azmi children are wearing tops from the blackmilkproject's food truck collection.

Year End Special: Merry & Bright

Is it November already? The year has just whizzed by, hasn't it? And soon, the malls will be all beautifully decked out, and joyful carols will be playing. It's just one of my favourite seasons - Christmas!

Presents will be a-plenty and I'll be home celebrating and remembering His greatest gift to us.

At Christmastime, it's all about family togetherness, gift-giving and receiving. Celebrate this beautiful season with photos for your family, or gift a session to your loved ones. 

In the spirit of giving, when you sign up for a session, you will also receive the following from our friends.

A choice of 2 accessories & RM50 Voucher

A babies & kids online store selling quality baby equipment, wooden toys and lots of pretty accessories.

RM50 Voucher for balloons for your event needs

Puffing up happiness, one balloon at a time. Beautiful balloons for all occasions.

G'day Australia 2015

Travelling is something which I'm happiest doing (coming in a close second to photography). If you asked me earlier this year, if there were any travel plans back to Australia. Chances are, I would have said 'No, perhaps next year'.

It's thus funny how God works, that I find myself, travelling not once, but twice to Australia (all in a span of 3 months)! 

If you would like me to photograph you or your families, I've got limited sessions (weekdays only, as weekends are booked) available. Interested? Get in touch!

Little moments.jpg
...and it's a brand new look!

If nothing ever changed,
there'd be no butterflies.
- unknown

If you are a regular visitor to my site (thank you!), you'd notice the big overhaul in design.

I wanted something new, simple, and most importantly, something which reflects my personality. 

Having been a hobbyist photographer for as long as I can remember, and subsequently delving into paid photography with the team from Melvin Tan Photography, for the last five or six years, I find myself, slowly but surely, developing a voice.

Something unique, something which gets me very excited to photograph.

From personal travel photographs, to photographing engagement portraits and weddings, and now discovering that I'm so in loVeeeeee with photographing children and families (gummy, drooling babies are my absolute loves!). It's been an altogether amazing photography journey. 

How can you resist that face?!

How can you resist that face?!

So.... as part of my new rebrand, I'm offering a very special rate of RM500 (valid till end June 2015) for the following photography services:

  • Up to 2-hour portrait session
  • ALL high-resolution images returned in DVD
  • 10" by 15" high quality canvas print
  • Limited to Klang Valley

If you've always thought how quickly your little kid is growing, and how you would like to remember how tiny they used to be; or if you are thinking of celebrating milestones - like turning one; or even for no reason at all, this is just for you! 

Head on to CONTACT ME, if you would like to book in a session, or just want to drop a note of encouragement, to say how awesome my new site looks! (I'd love that too :)) If you haven't followed me on instagram, you now can! @samanthayongphotos.

The dangerlam who looked absolutely gorgeous on her  wedding day .

The dangerlam who looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day.

The last two months developing and tweaking this site, has been time-consuming, but fun. I couldn't have done it without dangerlam, who has been my creative sounding board, and the genius behind my logo and the illustration of me.