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Love Day: The Fox and The Lamb

Here is my secret
it is very simple
It is only with the heart
that one can see rightly
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I love weddings and everything about it. The palpable joy and peals of laughter and happy tears, celebrating the joining of two, are just some of the things which keep me inspired to capture the essence of the day through photos. It isn't every day that one of your best friends get married. So when she does, you pull out all the stops to ensure that you do the gorgeous bride, and the beautiful person that she is justice. 

I first met Kim in second year Japanese class while at uni in Perth. She was a first year Vet Science student, while I was in my final year. During one of our very first coffee breaks, she introduced herself, called me prissy... and we've became fast friends since. A gorgeous Vietnamese-Australian, Kim is a beautiful old soul with a level head on her shoulders. She is such a joy to be around, and always radiates warmth, happiness and positivity. All traits that I've come to depend on. 

When Kim first met Jase, she was every bit the gushing school girl. 

... i guess the highlight of my life at the moment is a boy named Jason, but as per usual it’s difficult to grasp all at once. he has beautiful red curly locks that bounce over his forehead, and unfortunately (but i don’t mind much) he has a goatee beard thing. otherwise i agree he would look like a little boy. i find him utterly gorgeous...
— (email from Kim in 2006)

I thought, it was highly probable, that this was someone with whom she would be spending a very long time together with. I first met Jase when the two lovebirds visited Kuala Lumpur almost 5 years ago. He is easily one of the most easy going person, who very obviously adores Kim. Fast forward to 2012, my heart almost burst with love for these two amazing people as I had the privilege of sharing in one of their biggest and most special day. Their Love Day was held on the very beautiful grounds of Abbotsford Gardens. The intimate ceremony reflected their individualistic personalities as they decided to keep it a private affair with family and people they loved. 

As they made their personal vows to each other, there wasn't a dry eye in the audience. It was simply so special, unique and magical.

Love Day Kim&Jase 203.jpg