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The Ho Family

... and then there were four ...

I first photographed the Ho family, back when little E was just a year old. He was a reserved little boy, whose rare smiles can light up the space around him. It was such a pleasure to get reacquainted with the now chatty almost 3-year old. His smiles (which come a lot easier now), high energy, and affection for his little sister, were such joy to photograph.

The Ho Family 6.jpg
The Ho Family 28.jpg
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Engaged: #lexchun

This is love: To fly toward a secret sky,
to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.
First to let go of life.
Finally, to take a step without feet.
- Rumi -

The social butterfly from Ipoh and the cheena boy from Penang. Who would have thought that when Alex and Rachel first met at RBS in 2003, they'd be getting hitched 14 years later?

A girl with one of the biggest hearts, Rachel and I go way back.... when we were still too young to remember, and only had photographs as proof we knew each other. We reconnected at the Residential Bible School, a month-long Christian camp, organised by the Inter-Brethren Assembly.

I was immediately drawn to her laughter, friendliness and good nature. Together with a few other girls, we would chat till way past lights-out, we'd sing and harmonise, as well as swap secrets in whispers. #thosewerethedays.

Since then, we've kept in touch, went out on dates, and have even taken a girly trip to Seoul. She's sensitive, compassionate, and very generous with her time. She's also an accomplished businesswoman. After several years moonlighting as a make-up artist and helping people plan weddings (my wedding being one of the first few she helped coordinate), she is now a full-time business owner/wedding planner extraordinaire at Pretty Little Things

Simple, easy-going, with the ability to make people laugh, Alex complements her completely. It also helps that they share a huge love for EATING, eating, and MORE EATING.

For this engagement session, they decided to take a trip down memory lane, back to where they first met - HCC, Cameron Highlands. :) Thank you loves for allowing me to capture your love. xx

Family Portrait: The Ngs

Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.
- EB White

An inquisitive two year old, a warm and cheerful papa, and a very fit expecting mama.

From the beginning, the Ngs were just so much fun to be around. I was particularly impressed with the glowing mama-of-two-to-be, who was almost full term, yet was game to try all sorts of poses. I later found out that the family practices yoga. I got so excited that I asked if I could incorporate some of the poses into our session.

The Ng Family 18.jpg
The Ng Family 5.jpg
The Ng Family 28.jpg
Family Portrait: The Ikings

Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible — the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family. 
- Virginia Satir

2 newborns, 2 gorgeous little girls, and 8 adults - I love LOVE love large families. I also love families who are unafraid to show affection and just genuinely enjoy being together. After photographing Michelle-Ann's large photogenic in-laws (The Suppiah Clan), I was really glad when she contacted me again, this time to photograph her family, who were visiting from Sabah. 

The portraits are even more precious, as I found out a couple of months later, that the late patriarch of the family, Mozes M Iking II, passed on peacefully. RIP.

Family Portrait: The Lees

It doesn't matter how big your house is
it matters that there is love in it.

With a ballerina for a mummy, it was no wonder this little tyke was really flexible, as he discovered his feet, when he put on shoes for the very first time. I especially loved all of baby's very cute outfits, which according to the father, Edward, was all picked out by his wife. Excellent taste!!

The Lee Family 29.jpg

After the session, Edward sent me a very lovely email:

I take photos too BUT the photoshoot with you was awesome AND the photos are gorgeous. It really puts a big smile on my face each n everytime I see the photos. Best of all I'm in most of the photos this time and had great fun just chilling out with my family at the park not having to bother with camera settings n lighting! I cannot remember when was the last time I had a smile that lasted so so long, and it keeps coming back over n over again throughout the day! : ) Bless you Samantha.