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Singapore Maternity: J+D

I will hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms.

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Starting the year with this beautiful couple, I photographed early last December!

I believe that women are at their prettiest when carrying their baby. I love their gorgeous glow, and that air of excited expectancy, as they await their bub.

You know how some people, just vibes with you?

When Joanne messaged me on instagram about a session in Singapore, I felt an almost instant connection. Meeting her, and photographing her little soon-to-be expanding family, made me just so very happy. I was reminded, that... this... this... is the reason why I choose to do what I do. I laughed so much, and just had so much fun with them. Thank you, love, not too long now!

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Bump-to-Pop: The Khoo Family

she's a combination of sugar, spice,
sunshine and stardust.

I met Lina in church when we were both studying in Perth. She is somebody who just radiates warmth and friendship. As we were both in different universities then, we gradually lost contact as life took over. I was really glad when Liang whom I met through my then boyfriend-now-husband, brought Lina to visit our Young Adults Bible Study Fellowship class. Fast forward a few years later, it was such an honour and joy to photograph them as they grow another member. Baby E is the cutest little thing, with easy smiles, and the chubbiest cheeks.

Hello Bump: Cheang Maternity

A grand adventure is about to begin
- Winnie the Pooh -

Tim and Suwen are dear friends. We've been through so many things together. I've also photographed their engagement session, as well as coordinated their wedding. We usually do boardgames and coffee together... #itsbeensolong! When we were hanging out one day, we decided to do a quick 20-minute maternity portrait session with them. 

Baby Makes 3: The Ngs

Snuggles and cuddles welcomed!

Ohmyheart! When I first photographed this gorgeous couple, baby K was just a tiny little human snuggled comfortably inside mummy's womb.

He was so comfortable that he decided to stay on way past his due date!

All of 6-month old cuddly chuckly goodness, this little boy was all curiosity, bursts of infectious laughter and chubby cheeks. He definitely splished splashed his way into my heart.

After the session, sweet Sheryn left me a very nice note:

I got to know Samantha after seeing a couple of preview shots from a friend of mine. Immediately I loved her work as I was looking for natural shots for my maternity potraits.. After a few messages with her, I felt like we've been friends for sometime as she is friendly n very accommodating to my requests..

From maternity portraits, I also decided to let her shoot my family portraits too. When I met her the first time at the shoot, we immediately connected n the best thing is, we were wearing the same necklace!!

And she is very SEMPOI (simple an easy going) lady photographer. She only needs that one camera to do a marvellous job. She was also very kind for getting presents for my baby n me each time we met. I am very happy n no regret that i made the right decision to engaged her as my photographer. And also I gained a friend.

Location: The Saujana Hotel

Bump-to-pop: The Kos
Life reveals her beauty, one precious miracle at a time.

Every bit the expectant parents to be, the Kos were completely excited for the arrival of their little one. I couldn't help but get caught up in their glowing happiness, as they smiled and spoke in hushed tones throughout the session.

When baby K arrived, she was all big eyes and cute babbles, especially when she sees herself in the mirror (she probably thinks the baby staring back at her is a friend). She may be just a teeny tiny little human being, but she already has her parents (especially daddy) smitten and wrapped around her little fingers.