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The Ng Family

'I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh.'
- Audrey Hepburn

Family Portrait 17.jpg

Ended my 2018 with this gorgeous Singaporean family, who were in KL for a holiday. This little boy was such a laughter bunny! It was so contagious that for the whole shoot, I was just laughing behind my camera. He and his big brother were just amazing- they were just so full of expressions. <3

I also have a huge confession to make… if a child cries, or falls down in front of my camera, I’ll always stay put, to make sure I get that shot. Cause honestly, they are just the cutest, and makes for the best kind of photos! #plsdonthateme

Family Portrait 10.jpg
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Family: Adrian + Pei Hwa PLUS 1!

Little boy rules: Explore, Discover new things, Go on an Adventure! 

When clients I've photographed, comes back for another session, this time with a little one in tow. I absolutely loved photographing and getting to know this cheeky little one.

The Khoo Family

you're the sunshine brightening my days
please never set.
- decym

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love photographing large families. It's organised chaos, with people talking all over each other - competing to be heard; it's loud raucous laughter - most of the time, making fun of each other; most of all, it's the undercurrent of LOVE and knowing that this huge family has got your back, always! 

With siblings flying home from Australia, and another driving up from Singapore, the Khoo Family made for some very fun, and laugh-out-loud moments, at their session.

The Ritrosi Family

them bouncy curls, and sass...

When photographing, I vibe off families. I love families who are completely laid back, who come as they are (preferably without a pinterest board full of ideas on poses). The Ritrosi family was one like that - they came dressed down, and fully prepared to have some fun in the park, with their gorgeous curly-haired, bubble-loving, cheeky, smiley little toddler.