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Singapore Family: The Koon Family

the earth laughs in flowers.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Koon Family 31.jpg

These two little girls have grown! They are such characters too! I absolutely loved hanging out with the Koons again! I first photographed them when little sister E turned one. Gardens by the Bay has always been one of the places I really wanted to photograph in.

When the Koons agreed to have their session there I was elated. Cool with ample space for the littles to run around in, the now adorable two year old E and the sweetest big sister C definitely made it special for me. Thank you Eevon and Jin for entrusting me with your family portraits again. BIG LOVE.

The Koon Family 30.jpg
The Koon Family 9.jpg
The Koon Family 11.jpg
The Koon Family 12.jpg
The Koon Family 17.jpg
The Koon Family 33.jpg
The Koon Family 62.jpg
The Koon Family 61.jpg
The Koon Family 68.jpg

and this… this is easily one of my favourite laugh-out-loud moments from this session. <3

Watch them grow: 2017

Connor is FIVE!

I WHALE always love you!

Hello little boy… it has been 3 years!!

From farm animals to dinosaurs and now to sea animals (he saw a whale in a shadow on the ground)... #ohmyheart how this little boy has turned into a cheeky, goofy, funny little man. I cannot believe that he is 5!

To think that I've photographed him since he was but a teeny tiny one month old! Dear little boy, as you grow another year older, may you never lose your childlike wonder and joy, and I pray you'd grow to be a man after His heart.

Watch this cheeky little face grow - one-month old; six-month old; one year old party; and two-year old portrait

Singapore Family: Calvina Dawn, EB, + ED

I scream, you scream
we all scream for ICE CREAM!

Nothing like ice-cream to make the teeny tinies happy after a super hot and humid Singaporean morning!

How the littles have grown! I last photographed Calvina Dawn’s beautiful family in 2017, and fell completely in love with her adorable twosome, EB and ED. What a difference a year makes - EB is still the fun-loving singing little miss chatter, while ED has grown into an entertaining cheeky toddler.

After our session, she left the nicest note too!

Calvina, thank you for inviting me to be a part of making memories together with you and your family. Thank you for believing and loving my art. #somuchloveforyoufour #okandmaybelouistoo. I’m so blessed by your friendship!

The Al Ansari Family

We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out.

Family Portrait 3.jpg

Good times are made of this ... laugh out loud moments together with loved ones. Easy laughter, cheeky inquisitiveness, easygoing ... the Al Ansari family were amazing to photograph. Visiting KL from Dubai, they wanted keepsake photos to remember their holiday here.

Being a huge fan of travelling, I absolutely love photographing and interacting with overseas clients, as I get to learn so much from them - their culture and stories. One thing is the same though, that love and family bond - it transcends all cultures, language, and faith.

When I visited Dubai last year, most of the people I met and spoke to were not originally from the Emirates. According to my walking tour guide, she mentioned only 2 out 10 people you meet could be Emirati.

Who would have thought that I would not only get to meet, but also photograph an Emirati family out of Dubai! I'm blown away by how completely down-to-earth and friendly they were!

Family Portrait 4.jpg
Family Portrait 37.jpg
Family Portrait 29.jpg
Family Portrait 31.jpg
Family Portrait 50.jpg
Family Portrait 52.jpg
Family Portrait 41.jpg
Family Portrait 58.jpg
Family Portrait 83.jpg
Family Portrait 85.jpg
Family Portrait: Of trains and bubbles

Trucks are waiting in the yard,
”Tackling them with easel,
Show the world what I can do"
gaily boasts the diesel.
In and out he creeps about,
Like a big black weasel.
When he pulls the wrong trucks out,
Pop goes the diesel!
— Troublesome Trucks, Thomas & Friends

Family Portrait 48.jpg

The humidity is a huge change especially for the little boy from Adelaide. Steph and Ming were back in KL for a short holiday, visiting family, friends and loved ones. I had so much fun blowing bubbles, singing, running, and playing with toy trains together with him.

Family Portrait 34.jpg
Family Portrait 38.jpg
Family Portrait 30.jpg
Family Portrait 85.jpg
Family Portrait 77.jpg
Family Portrait 99.jpg