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Celebrating the Superhero - Daddy!

A son's first HERO
A daugher's first LOVE

Papa, daddy, appa, pa, father, dad - call him whatever you want, they all mean the same.

When we were younger, he is the one who taught us to ride a bike, climb trees. He taught us about patience, as we wait for mom to finish shopping, bought us Macca's and ice-cream when she isn't looking.

As we grow older, when our allowance ran out, he became our ATM, our mechanic when our car breaks down in the middle of the road, and a locksmith when we get locked out of our new apartment, the first night we move out.

The list is just endless, what this superman in our life can do. Daddies are a big deal! 

Samantha Yong Photography celebrates Father's Day for the first time, this year. There was no better way to remember this awesome men, than by appreciating them with flowers and a family photoshoot - where they can be the centre of attention!

Teaming up with the happy people at Happy Bunch, a small contest was ran, and five families won a family shoot, with set styled by the gorgeous ladies of Pretty Little Things.


All five shoots happened on the same day, in two different locations - Lake Gardens KL and Desa Park City. #superwoman. Thank you families for participating and being such awesome fun to photograph.