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The Chee Family

"silly pictures, crazy time, sisters at heart, and partners in crime."

The Chee Family 10.jpg

I had the opportunity to photograph Belinda Chee and her multi-talented, gorgeous family. What struck me most was how despite the distance (KL, Kuching, Singapore), the family bond is so strong. The cousins also genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

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Family Portrait: Catch me if you can!

Cousins make the best of friends!

Family Portrait 119.jpg

Ready… set… go….. and these four energiser bunnies took off. A split second later, the oldest boy (who was leading in front), turned around and waited for the youngest one. #ohmyheart. These boys are really the sweetest!

I must admit when I first found out that the session comprised of 4 little boys under 10 years old, I was slightly apprehensive. I was afraid that my legs wouldn’t be able to keep up with them, and that I wouldn’t get photos which tell their personalities. However, after the short walk from the carpark to the park, I knew that we’ll be ok! Honestly, there were so many favourites from this session!

Family Portrait 68.jpg
Family Portrait 5.jpg
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The Chia Family

Families are like fudge
mostly sweet, with lots of nuts!

The Chia Family 141.jpg

Earlier this year, on my birthday and the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, I photographed one of the largest family portraits! The Chia family rocked up with huge smiles, despite the crazy sweltering heat. I especially loved the matriarch of the family (who reminded me a lot of my own grandma), who was sometimes directing the shots too.  Large families really remind me of my own - very noisy, yet everyone can be heard - somehow.

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