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Cake Smash: Baby O is ONE!

baby steps… adventure is out there!

Olivia is ONE 77.jpg

Gorgeous sassy little miss O was super fun to photograph! I especially loved how momma just organised a pastel affair for her cake smash session!

After photographing several back to back sessions, running together with them boys, it was really nice to just have a very pleasant morning photographing ladylike giggles over cake!

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The Ng Family

'I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh.'
- Audrey Hepburn

Family Portrait 17.jpg

Ended my 2018 with this gorgeous Singaporean family, who were in KL for a holiday. This little boy was such a laughter bunny! It was so contagious that for the whole shoot, I was just laughing behind my camera. He and his big brother were just amazing- they were just so full of expressions. <3

I also have a huge confession to make… if a child cries, or falls down in front of my camera, I’ll always stay put, to make sure I get that shot. Cause honestly, they are just the cutest, and makes for the best kind of photos! #plsdonthateme

Family Portrait 10.jpg
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The Tan Family

sometimes boys just need to be boys.

High energy, cheeky and loud laughter, running, running, and more running. This pair of brothers really had me catching my breath as I photographed them. I don’t know how their parents keep up with them!

The Tan Family 1.jpg
The Tan Family 14.jpg
The Tan Family 20.jpg
The Tan Family 27.jpg
The Tan Family 31.jpg
The Tan Family 52.jpg
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Singapore Family: The Chia Family

"Happiness is being with my sister."

Family Portrait 32.jpg

This pair of sisters are seriously the cutest! They laugh and play together so well. I cannot believe mummy actually said her kids were cranky during this session. If this is cranky, I reckon they would be perfectly angelic on a normal day. :)

Family Portrait 1.jpg
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Singapore Family: O x 2!

sometimes being a little sister
is better than being a princess!

Family Portrait 56.jpg


This pair of siblings were honestly #siblinggoals. It is evident how much big O loved his little sister, and how little O completely adores her big brother!

When little O accidentally poured her bubble solution, big brother came to the rescue. He gave her some of his, even though it meant he didn’t get to play as much. I spent a short 30mins photographing this gorgeous family, and was smitten by the end of the session.

Family Portrait 47.jpg
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