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Love Begins: Anthony & Jessica

Home is wherever I'm with you.

Bathers Beach at Fremantle holds a special place in my heart, as it was where BLee & I had our anniversary portraits taken, just last Spring. For Anthony and Jessica, it is even more special as it was where they went on their first date, as well as where Anthony popped the question, to ask Jess to spend her forever with him.

It was a beautiful sunny winter morning when we did their portraits. There was lots of laughing, jokes, cuddles and of course kissing!

During the session, Anthony & Jess clued me on a little secret... they just found out they were pregnant! #excitedsqueal. They wanted to do some pregnancy 'announcement' portraits, so we rounded up the session with some. Anthony & Jess, you guys are going to make a gorgeous bride and groom, as well as awesome parents!

Engaged: Kah Kit & Becca

Love is a journey, I choose to take with you!

It isn't every day your best friend gets married and it's even rarer, when she requests that you help with her engagement portraits.

Rebecca and I go way way way back, back to when we were just little kids in Temerloh Gospel Chapel. Our friendship is a little odd, she was actually a school mate of my younger sister, Cassey. And a little known fact, even though I was in Singapore for both primary and high school, the brief holidays back at home, was enough to make me dislike her (there was a very long letter involved).

To cut the very long story short, it's been more than 2 decades of friendship... now I cannot imagine what life would be like without our constant coffee dates, and hanging out until restaurants close. We've fought, made up, cried, laughed and talked till dawn.

Kah Kit complements her completely. Where she is drama, he is calm and cool; where she gets a little OCD, he reminds her to chill. They are so different, yet so alike in a number of ways.

Becca and KK, being allowed to be there from the beginning where the two of you were still figuring out your relationship; to rejoicing with you both as KK took a step to God; to proposal ideation, wedding planning, coordination; and also being entrusted to photograph your love, I consider it an honour.  May your marriage be centred and anchored in His love.

Locations: Araluen Botanic Park, Perth Royal Show,Fremantle, Sandalford Winery, Blue Boat Shed and King's Park, Western Australia

Special thanks to John Lim, for braving the multitudes of people at the Royal Show, and producing gorgeous images.

Engaged: Glenn & Bree

You know, perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before
Beauty & the Beast

An IT professional and a lover of all things Disney - it looks like it would be an amazing wedding for both Bree & Glenn! I first met Glenn in my final year IT project unit, and through the many crazy late nights, we clicked and became pretty fast friends.

When I got married in 2011, Glenn was awesome enough to fly over to celebrate with us. When I found out he was getting married this December, I knew, to make up for my absence, I had to grab some portraits for he and his gorgeous fiancee.

Meeting Bree for the first time, I was immediately attracted to her warm personality and love for all things kooky! A girl who loves Disney is also all good in my books :) Her zaniness complemented his seriousness completely. We took a stroll behind their place, and I was awed by how pretty everything was.

So much love to the both of you, as you take on the crazy adventure of marriage and the beginning of A Fairy Tale Come True. May it be filled with many shining, shimmering, splendid adventures; tackling everything with a smile and a song together; as you strive to be part of each other's world. I wish I can be there for your Disney-themed wedding next weekend, and cannot wait to see loads of photos.