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Singapore: The Chin Family

'Aunty where you? Aunty go hide... boy boy count.
Aunty, Uncle, where you? Tunnel.... Aunty read book...aunty...' 
- Master Chin, 2 years old

It's always amazing to catch up with friends, and photograph their growing little one. We spent a day out at Universal Studios Singapore, hung out at home with play doh, paints and puzzles, had lots of good conversation over yummy food. Thank you so much for your friendship, Ben and Serena. You are such a blessing to us.

Singapore: Calvina Dawn, EB, + ED

Let it go... let it go....
The 'heat' never bothered me anyway
- adapted from 'Frozen'

KOI-loving, and dedicated, honest mummy blogger ( whose life revolves around her two adorable little ones - EB and ED, and her gorgeous doggie - Calvina Dawn is easily one of the nicest persons I've photographed... and her two young ones, were just completely photogenic and personable too! I really enjoyed Frozen-loving EB, breaking out into passionate song and dance, while singing 'Let it Go!'. There were also many laugh-out-loud moments, especially with inquisitive doggie-loving ED. #ohwhatfun! I need another session with you guys! The hour just flew by too quickly!

p/s: at her request, I've selected photos which does not feature daddy heavily.