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Family Portrait: The Francis

Family is a little world, created by love.

Loud infectious laughter and a huge heart for God - Winnie and I were part of the same all-girls life group, while I was in Perth. We also served in the Children's Church (Inside Out) for a number of years.

She now has an energizer-bunny little boy who makes cute grunts, indicating 'yes' and who stole my heart this visit back to Perth. It was so amazing that even after a decade, our conversation was easy as we picked up where we left off.

In true Winnie fashion (super sweet), she emailed me this after I shared her gallery with her:

Thank you so much for the photos , they are absolutely beautiful and looking at them brought tears to my eyes... We don't have many family photos as we don't get a chance to take them with all of us in them and these are the only family photos we have to date and they look amazing. Thanks for taking them, you are an amazing photographer and person.

Thank you for being an encourager and for sharing your family with me. Looking forward to our next catch up sesh over yummy cheese platter xx