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Singapore Family: The Tay Family

I’ll love you through
all sunshine, seasons, and storms.
- decym

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In my course of photographing families, I always count my blessings when it comes to clients. Somehow, I feel like I’ve been so blessed with amazing clients! This particular park in Singapore is not one easily accessible by public transport. Coupled with difficulty in getting there, I was almost 30mins late for my session! I was texting this client of mine multiple times, apologising profusely, as I watched my arrival time on google maps, growing later and later… Not only did she assure me it was ok, when I finally met them to start our session, they were complete sweethearts!

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Family Portrait: Of trains and bubbles

Trucks are waiting in the yard,
”Tackling them with easel,
Show the world what I can do"
gaily boasts the diesel.
In and out he creeps about,
Like a big black weasel.
When he pulls the wrong trucks out,
Pop goes the diesel!
— Troublesome Trucks, Thomas & Friends

Family Portrait 48.jpg

The humidity is a huge change especially for the little boy from Adelaide. Steph and Ming were back in KL for a short holiday, visiting family, friends and loved ones. I had so much fun blowing bubbles, singing, running, and playing with toy trains together with him.

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The Nguyen Family

'If you're happy and you know it, then your face will really show it!' 

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This gorgeous family flew in from Sydney, for a very short visit with their family. I first photographed them when big brother was ONE. Eva first found me on google and after a few quick emails, we managed to squeeze in an hour long cake smash photo session for their smiley little tyke.

When she contacted me again for a portrait session, I got to meet her smiley, cheeky little bub number 2. Big brother E who was all cuddly in our last session, is now a handsome little man. He was also the protective big brother, who ensured that his little brother was well taken care of.

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Hello Bump: The Tan Family

9 months preparing, to fall in love for a lifetime.

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As soon as I met Xinyi, it was as if I've known her for many many years! Bubbly and with an easy laughter, she has the kind of charisma that just makes you want to be friends with her. It also helped that she shared two of my favourite things to do - travelling and food.

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