Birthday: C turns One!

I was 0 for a whole year,
now I'm ONE!

One of my favourite babies turned the big ONE in November. You may remember this cheeky little face from this bump-to-pop session and as a 6-month-old. An animal-themed birthday bash was planned for him, and all his friends - big and tiny turned up. I love photographing sessions like these, as there are just so many many many many babies, toddlers and children everywhere. And... that's where lots of laughter ring.

Happy Birthday baby! May you never lose your sense of wonderment, as you continue to grow surrounded by love and blessings from above.

Party Planner & Cake: Temptation by Jin Ann
Venue: Ruang, Subang Jaya

And then there were three: Tan Baby Portraits

A baby is a little bit of heaven on earth

Has it been a year? How time has flown! Almost a year ago, I had the pleasure of celebrating and photographing the wedding of this gorgeous Dr couple (photos here). Now my beautiful cousin has expanded her family by one chubby little michelin baby.

I can only imagine how growing up with both mom and dad being doctors, will be like - no trying to avoid school by acting sick! 

Family Portraits: The Mahs

While we try to teach our children
all about life,
Our children teach us
what life 
is all about.

"Our son can get a little cranky," the parents warned before booking in a session. I assured them that all babies and tiny tots are the same, and that we will be able to definitely get some good photos! Snacks, his favourite toys and some books would do the trick. Together with papa & mama's help, and great weather, we had some cool shots. If you asked me, a little man with a hashtag is always uber cool! #ryanmah didn't disappoint.

Here is a very blessed Christmas to one and all!

Engaged: Kah Kit & Becca

Love is a journey, I choose to take with you!

It isn't every day your best friend gets married and it's even rarer, when she requests that you help with her engagement portraits.

Rebecca and I go way way way back, back to when we were just little kids in Temerloh Gospel Chapel. Our friendship is a little odd, she was actually a school mate of my younger sister, Cassey. And a little known fact, even though I was in Singapore for both primary and high school, the brief holidays back at home, was enough to make me dislike her (there was a very long letter involved).

To cut the very long story short, it's been more than 2 decades of friendship... now I cannot imagine what life would be like without our constant coffee dates, and hanging out until restaurants close. We've fought, made up, cried, laughed and talked till dawn.

Kah Kit complements her completely. Where she is drama, he is calm and cool; where she gets a little OCD, he reminds her to chill. They are so different, yet so alike in a number of ways.

Becca and KK, being allowed to be there from the beginning where the two of you were still figuring out your relationship; to rejoicing with you both as KK took a step to God; to proposal ideation, wedding planning, coordination; and also being entrusted to photograph your love, I consider it an honour.  May your marriage be centred and anchored in His love.

Locations: Araluen Botanic Park, Perth Royal Show,Fremantle, Sandalford Winery, Blue Boat Shed and King's Park, Western Australia

Special thanks to John Lim, for braving the multitudes of people at the Royal Show, and producing gorgeous images.

And then there were three: Low Baby Portraits

One boy
Thousand feelings

Gummy baby smile = so much win! Especially when it's your very own nephew. Baby I is only 2 months old, and already has everyone wrapped around his teeny tiny cute fingers. Everything from his big, beautiful eyes, to his wide easy laughter, and down to his soft cute-as-button toes, he is just an amazing gift from God.

Engaged: Glenn & Bree

You know, perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before 
Beauty & the Beast

An IT professional and a lover of all things Disney - it looks like it would be an amazing wedding for both Bree & Glenn! I first met Glenn in my final year IT project unit, and through the many crazy late nights, we clicked and became pretty fast friends.

When I got married in 2011, Glenn was awesome enough to fly over to celebrate with us. When I found out he was getting married this December, I knew, to make up for my absence, I had to grab some portraits for he and his gorgeous fiancee.

Meeting Bree for the first time, I was immediately attracted to her warm personality and love for all things kooky! A girl who loves Disney is also all good in my books :) Her zaniness complemented his seriousness completely. We took a stroll behind their place, and I was awed by how pretty everything was.

So much love to the both of you, as you take on the crazy adventure of marriage and the beginning of A Fairy Tale Come True. May it be filled with many shining, shimmering, splendid adventures; tackling everything with a smile and a song together; as you strive to be part of each other's world. I wish I can be there for your Disney-themed wedding next weekend, and cannot wait to see loads of photos.

Family Portraits: The Loois

boy (noun.)
A noise with dirt on it.

There is something about little boys that just make me all warm and squishy inside. It could be the mischievous glint in their eyes, their cheeky laughter or even the promise of future rough-housing. With his huge round eyes, cute as a button nose, and very jovial personality, this little bub stole my heart one early Saturday morning.

Our team photographed Daniel & Yian Yan's wedding in 2011 (2 weeks before my own!). On top of feeling happy seeing the expanding family of my friends, I also felt very honoured to share in life milestones together, as their photographer.

Bump-to-Pop: The Lows

Planes, trains, trucks and toys There's nothing quite like little boys!

My meeting with the beautiful Janice was a completely random one. We used to work in the same organisation, with her office a few doors down from mine. With her 5-inch stilettos, super nice dresses, I felt an immediate connection with her, one of the kindred kind.

She sent me an email one day, after a chance meeting at the corridor "Hey, I notice you like shoes, you can go shop for branded shoes, at a fraction of the cost, on this website."

Suffice to say, that one email cemented our friendship. I remembered how she was glowing with happiness, when she told me that she was expecting. Being married for 5 years, they have been trying quite hard for a baby. To cut the long difficult journey story short, this baby was definitely a blessing. I watched in fascination as her tummy grew! And man... it grew!


I met Jan's husband, Benjamin for the very first time at the baby shower. But it wasn't until Jan popped, and while doing baby portraits, that I really got to know him.

Someone who has a love for shoes and everything nice and pretty (in a manly way, of course!), who diligently plans out what baby will wear during the photo shoot, the first thing Ben offered me as I walked into their house, in the wee hours of the morning, was a cup of brewed coffee! In that split second, I knew he and I would be fast friends.

With super awesome parents, I was very excited to see Baby C... and he didn't disappoint with his myriad expressions that made my biological clock go a mile a minute.

Love Day: Ming & Jenq Uei

A successful marriage involves falling in love many times, 
always with the same person.

The girl with one of the sweetest smiles. Who would have thought the talkative little girl, whose home was an essential pitstop, during every trip to KL, would grow up to be such an accomplished young doctor.

Even though a couple of years younger than I, generationally, Ming is actually my aunt! She is the daughter of my grandma's youngest sister #ohwhatamouthful. In easier terms, she is my second cousin.

With both Ming + Jenq Uei serving in public hospitals as doctors, they held an intimate luncheon at the clubhouse, a week before their wedding banquet at a Chinese restaurant. It was an afternoon of smiles and I loved how the both of them were just so laid back, and genuinely hung out at each table, talking to their guests.

Thank you for letting me be a tiny part of your celebration. Much love to you both.