2015: A Year of Thanksgiving

2015 has been a year filled with so many moments, lots of laughter, and so much love. When the year first started, I was just recuperating (from my first EVER surgery!). All I had written down was this:

I knew I wanted to move from weddings into photographing families. But apart from wanting to revamp my very dated website, launch a new logo, and possibly set up a social media presence, I had absolutely no clue on how and where I'm going to get my clients! 

Sure I've photographed weddings (together with the awesome team from MTP) for the last couple of years, and have been asked to photograph the occasional family portrait for family and friends (thanks Ben & Jan!) , but to strike out on my own, was and still is, something very scary. Finally, after long talks  (too many to count) with my husband, and a whole lot of emails and skype conversations with my best friend, Kim (the dangerlam) - who was also the awesome illustrator behind my logo and portrait - the revamp of my site was launched on April 26.  And on July 1, I staked my presence on facebook

Throughout this year, I've had so many doubts - if my photos were good enough, if I would have clients outside my friends circle, if people are actually willing to pay me for photos - if so how much? When I wasn't working at my full-time job, minutes and hours were spent thinking about how to get myself out there. There were just so many things to do, so little time... and I didn't know where to start. Just when I thought I was making good progress, something sets me back, and throws me for a loop. I've lost count of the many times when I just messaged friends (out of the blue, especially for some I've not spoken to in decades), to ask if they would like to have portraits taken. #ihadtogrowathickskin. And I'm so thankful for those who took me on, and others who encouraged me.


Looking back on 2015, I've celebrated love together with 70 different families, and have had the opportunity to travel three times to Australia (Perth & Melbourne) and once to Singapore, to do what I love - photography! Who knew that God had such big plans for me? He took my 5 small 'loaves' of goals, and turned them into so much more. For this, I'm immensely thankful, and I cannot wait to see what's going to happen in 2016! My cup overflows. 

To all my clients - new and old, who have entrusted me to share in and capture your love; to the ones who've just been so encouraging, you've no idea how those little messages and whatsapp conversations mean to me. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU and have an amazeball 2016!

Kat&Chuen 312b.jpg
Wee Family Portrait 117.jpg
Family Portrait: The Wees

Faster than fast, 
Quicker than quick,
I'm Lightning!
Lightning McQueen, Cars

A love for all things Cars, this cute speedster and I go way back! He is now all grown up and at 2, he can talk and walk really fast, just like his favourite character, Lightning McQueen. I've also never met a toddler who loved my bubble machine so much, that he would run smack into the bubbles and laugh himself silly. What a little ray of sunshine.

Family Portrait: The Yens
Children reinvent your world - Susan Sarandon
Yen Family Portrait 72.jpg

One of the shyest babies I know, this just turned one-year old little girl has the cutest smile, once she came out of her shell. When she sees a stranger, her eyes would well, as her nose turns a shiny red. She was most comfortable with her parents and big brother. I was very glad that after a while, she warmed up to me and rewarded me with the most beautiful laughter.

When her very creative full-time working mommy baked her a beautiful cake for a cake smash session, she was curious, yet reserved. Dad and big brother, on the other hand, had no qualms as they decided to have a bit of fun too.

Love Begins: John + Chu
'I can conquer the world, with just one hand... as long as you are holding the other.'

I first met John and Chu at Kim and Jase's wedding at Abbotsford Convent in 2012. Chu is Kim's younger sister. The one thing that immediately attracted me to her was her beautiful ready smile. John and Chu are people that you naturally would want to be friends with. Within minutes of meeting them, they can put you completely at ease, and make you feel as if you've been friends for a very long time.

When I learned they got engaged early this year, I was so very elated as they are both such amazing people with big hearts. They also make a very gorgeous couple! These images captured in The Substation (where they are getting married), the University of Melbourne (where they both studied), and around the city tells their story.

They also have a very cute story on how they met.

Even though they had a lot of mutual friends, John and Chu have never met. That was until Chu's 18th birthday party.

John: Most of my friends were attending a birthday party and were talking about it. Someone asked me if I was going, I said no. I wasn’t invited and I didn’t know who’s party it was. My friend thought it would be fun if I attended, to hang out and he assured me the birthday girl would be more than happy to have me there. Chu and I ended up chatting on MSN and she was happy with me coming to her party, as long as I said hi to her on the night. 

So I tried to find her that night, to say hi. But she wasn’t anywhere to be found. I sat down some time after, and noticed the cutest girl with the most beautiful smile. My friend turned to me and saw me looking at her and said, "Hey mate, what you looking at, that’s Chu, lets go." We both went over and I awkwardly said Hi. That’s my first memory of meeting Chu.

Thank you for being such good sports and for your warm hospitality. Brunch was so awesome! So much love for the both of you.

I will be in Melbourne again (Nov 21 to Nov 24). If you are interested in having portraits in Springtime Melbourne, I still have one more session available. Click for more information. 

on choosing each other

Seeing her happy gives me a feeling that I always want to have. She makes me feel special and loved. She is kind and generous.

We are on the same wavelength and have similar values. We complement each other with our strengths. He's motivated and this motivates/supports me. It's also a bonus that he can cook and clean. ;)

Year End Special: Merry & Bright

Is it November already? The year has just whizzed by, hasn't it? And soon, the malls will be all beautifully decked out, and joyful carols will be playing. It's just one of my favourite seasons - Christmas!

Presents will be a-plenty and I'll be home celebrating and remembering His greatest gift to us.

At Christmastime, it's all about family togetherness, gift-giving and receiving. Celebrate this beautiful season with photos for your family, or gift a session to your loved ones. 

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