Family Portrait: The Chews

Families are like fudge,
mostly sweet, with a few nuts.

"Hello, welcome!" that was Juin's first words to me.

When my husband first recommended that we tried a new cafe in Uptown, I was a little skeptical about the coffee it served (#coffeesnob). Little did I know that it would become one of our favourite cafes.

As I ingested a huge amount of coffee in our countless (almost once-every-two-days) coffee trips, a friendship began to form and grow with this very lovable, gorgeous inside out barista girl, Juin. Through our conversations, her love for her family shone through. Her face lit up as she spoke about the antics her many nieces and nephews get up to.

So when Juin asked me if I could take her family portraits, I couldn't wait to meet everyone.

Cake Smash: Baby C is ONE

"Have big dreams, you will grow into them."

Within the first 10 minutes of our session, the bubbly gorgeous miss C was already smiling, and crawling up to me, to touch my camera. Ah.. babies turning one.... just finding her feet, she breaks into the biggest smile when her parents cheered as she stood up unassisted, Babies learning how to walk are simply the cutest! 

Hello Bump: Chong Maternity

I fell in love with you, because of the million things
you never knew you were doing.

Smitten... completely and utterly with each other and the baby. Jo and Ivan are such beautiful souls who already had so many plans for their little one. I especially loved the gorgeous tailored lace gown Jo custom-made especially for the session.

Family Portrait: The Tohs

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.
- C.S. Lewis

A smiley inquisitive baby who breaks out in the hugest grin and infectious laughter, when she sees a block of ice; a handsome big brother who is full of the cheekiest smiles - each unique in their own beautiful way.

Singapore Family Portrait: The Owyoungs

There is no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.
- Walt Streightiff

The cutest little girl who smiles a lot, isn't afraid of the heat, and is so very inquisitive. Little V is a carbon copy of her cheerful mum, who was one of my first friends in primary school. 

When I first transferred to Singapore, I was scared and felt completely out of place. I was sitting all by myself on the first day at school, when Sophia, who was sitting behind me started speaking to me. I still remembered how our conversation went on and on - until 15 minutes later, she realised and asked, "Eh, why you didn't even ask me my name leh!". :) And the world is indeed a really small place (ok, Singapore is a tiny island lah), her husband and I were actually tuition class mates!!

It is truly an honour to meet her little family. The little girl was all good natured chuckles. The morning at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, was definitely made even more beautiful with the company.